The Touch of South Africa

Close your eyes, make contact with the warm earth as you stand, feel the vivid pulse of Africa's natural heartbeat as it conducts through the soles of your feet to the very core of your soul.

Feel your way around this stunning yet accessible land abundant in marine life and home to the most majestic of earth's animals; with the help of its people whose passion it is to share their treasured residents with you, expect a warm and friendly welcome.

Let us take you on a journey of discovery through textures and sensations including the wonderful world of massage therapies which are such a huge part of the South African experience. These treatments are varied and widely available even at the smaller boutique hotels and guesthouses which often use indigenous ingredients and traditional remedies.

You will touch South Africa - South Africa will touch you!

  • South African Nature

    Reach Out and Be Touched

    Unique spa treatments are widely available and comfortingly affordable; complement your journey through the textures of South Africa with spa treatments wherever you are staying.

  • Dolphins South Africa

    Ocean Encounters

    As the breeze embraces you and the gentle waves tease your toes, step a little further and share the dolphin's world; ocean experiences for everyone - wet or dry!

  • Cheetah South Africa

    So Wild, So Beautiful, So Close

    Take the amazing opportunity to engage up close with the fastest moving land creature on earth; learn of conservation projects of all sorts and how you can get involved during your visit.

  • Nelson Mandela

    Mandela The Man who touched the world

    Virtually all of us have been touched by the story of Nelson Mandela, find his legacy all around you.