Ocean Encounters

The thought of interacting with dolphins in the open sea is an experience that people describe as extraordinary, surreal and even life-changing. Pods of dolphins regularly approach bathers and Kayakers in the shelter of Plettenberg Bay.

During your visit to South Africa you will find several locations in which to join this privileged group of people; there are also opportunities to get up close and personal with other sea mammals such as sea lions not to mention the fascinating fish life.

You may not be close enough to reach them with your hand but a sighting of a whale will most definitely touch your heart! And there are even locations on the mainland from where you will be virtually guaranteed a sighting such as Dieverís Point in Hermanus.

  • Dolphins South Africa

    Plettenberg Bay

    Plettenberg Bay for dolphins and whale encounters by boat, Kayak, swimming and scuba.

  • Whale Watching South Africa


    For superb whale watching areas look at our hand-picked properties in the Hermanus region.

  • Zebras South Africa

    Wildlife and Wine

    Wildlife and wine; what a combination! Take our stress-free self drive for freedom and pleasure.

  • Seal Watching at the Cape South Africa

    Cape Self Drive

    Self-drive around the Cape with lots of mammal encounter opportunities and outstanding hotels.