Airborne Whispers and Squawks

Found across most of South Africa the African Fish Eagle makes a loud noise and takes no prisoners! He is of course not alone; the skies in South Africa resound with birdsong from eagles and owls to doves and exotic robins.

The list is endless so when you are out on Safari don’t forget to take your eyes off the ground for a while and raise you head to the skies.

The circle of life and natural harmony of the animal kingdom witness a fusion of feathers and fur, claws and paws, experience this beautiful partnership in bushland and coastline.

  • Winelands and Greater Cape Town

    Wildlife and birds in harmony found all around the Cape Lands.

  • Kruger

    The famous Kruger National Park; an awesome presentation of nature. Heavenly lodges and abundant wildlife: look out for the 'Frog Safari'.

  • Luxury Kwa Zulu Reserves

    Stunning scenery and sumptuous lodges; listen and enjoy!

  • Johannesburg to Cape Town Coach Tour

    Superb Exploration by coach taking you from Jo’burg to Cape Town with optional Game Reserve add-on.