The Sounds of South Africa

From your pillow the delicate birdsong and mysterious dawn voices will permeate the dawn air against a backdrop of swirling stillness.

Good Morning, you have woken in the wilderness of the South African bush!

There is a vibrancy to the noises of South Africa and an equal amount from its silence; the air reveals a cacophony of chirps, chatters, hoots and roars which sing to each other as the day evolves and slowly surrenders to the shrills of darkness.

Tune in and be entertained, animal, man, earth, air and water there is nothing about this land which fails to call out to you; all you have to do is listen.

  • The Ocean Roars Too

    Safari and sea and so close; expecting a roar? Close your eyes and let your ears tune in to the sounds of the surf, the call of the bottle-nose dolphin and eerie whalesong, all in your coastal adventures.

  • Music, Life and Laughter

    Celebrating the departure of winter each September this festival of great music at Sun City’s Valley of the Waves is a celebration of sport and music with live performances and rollicking vibes!

  • Airborne Whispers and Squawks

    So well known and clear is the call of the Fish Eagle that it is often known as "The Voice of Africa", tune in to the sound of the sky and the bush and be amazed.

  • The Clickety-Clack

    As a famous man once said ‘it has rhythm to spare’. Famed for its legendary railway journeys and signature trains is this the most romantic form of transport?