Music, Life and Laughter

Celebrating the departure of winter each September this festival of great music at Sun City’s Valley of the Waves is a celebration of sport and music with live performances and rollicking vibes!

On a different note altogether the Vuvuzela if often likened to a donkey’s bray or a fog horn blast when sounded individually (especially at football matches!) but when unified the rhythms of a Vuvuzela Orchestra are mesmerising. Look out for music festivals, jazz and inspired choirs in hotspots like Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth.

Cape Town is especially alive with live music in places such as the Mercury Live Music Venue and The Dubliner; it also has an annual International Jazz Festival when the whole city gets high on Sax. But no matter where you find yourself in South Africa, city or country, someone will be making music close by.

  • Sun City

    Sun City and Pilansberg for non-stop amusement; not a quiet option but always an entertaining one!

  • Self Drive Tours

    Music is all around and why not enjoy it in luxury on one of our self-drive tours?

  • Jazz in Johannesburg

    Enjoy Jazz? Stay in Johannesburg and check out Kippies, Nikki’s and Sophiatown.

  • Cape Town

    Cape Town is simply buzzing with sound; stay in one of our individual stylish properties and live the sounds!