What's that smell?

Scent is pivotal to the development of South Africa's sensational animal kingdom.

Ring tailed male lemurs, like the ones found at Plettenberg Bay are cheeky little monkeys, and will provide you with hours of entertainment - but you'll notice a certain fragrance about them. Located on the underside of each wrist is a scent gland called a horny spur. This is used for mating purposes during the appropriate season. Although it may be off putting to us humans, it certainly isn't to a female lemur.

Anyone who has been up close and personal with an elephant will tell you they're distinctive too. Whilst they are beautiful docile creatures, their aroma is unmistakeable!

  • Plettenberg Bay

    Home to the Monkeyland Primate Sanctuary with free roaming lemurs, baboons, mongoose and blue duiker. A myriad of smells, sights and sounds comprises this sensory experience.

  • The Waterberg

    Follow the scent of the elephants grazing in their natural environment with zebras, rhino and buffalo as companions in this dramatic Big Game viewing region.

  • Highlights of the Cape

    This self drive 13 day trip includes a trip to the Blaauwbosch Game Reserve famous for its captivating Big Five safari, and diverse flora and fauna.

  • Shongololo Good Hope Adventure Southbound

    All aboard for this 15 night train tour taking in the scents of Kruger National Park, Zululand, Bloemfontein, Klein Karoo and Cape Town.