The perfume of paradise

There's nothing quite like the smell of a fresh summer's day or the crispness of a misty morning in South Africa.

Many less built up areas of the country remain unblemished by commercialism and mass culture, with huge open land masses, nature reserves and national parks seeming like they're part of another world altogether. Breathe easy, breathe deep.

Lodges blended into unspoilt natural surroundings, eco systems in place to protect natural flora and fauna…socially responsible resorts and a well managed infrastructure to keep it that way.

The country is rightly proud of its history, and a big part of the ethos of that history represents the shape of its future.

  • Mpumalanga and Limpopo

    Awe inspiring natural scenery with rock formations, winding rivers, dramatic gorges and a distinctive collection of hotels to act as your ideal base.

  • Kruger Lodges from Nelspruit

    The world famous Kruger National Park is characterised by breathtaking Big Five safari drives in an open savannah setting with waterholes, ravines and dams.

  • Shongololo Good Hope Adventure Northbound

    16 day picturesque rail tour taking in Mossel Bay, Port Elizabeth, Drakensberg and Kruger National Park amongst others.

  • 8 day Garden Route Self Drive

    Includes 2 days in Cape Town and prime accommodation throughout your stay, with breakfast each day and several optional tours along the way.