About the Sense South Africa website

The Sense South Africa website has been brought to you by Destinology and South African Tourism.

Research has shown us that traditionally South Africa conjures up images of lions and elephants closely followed to a lesser degree by Table Mountain, good wine, and wide open countryside.

First holiday expectations tend to be confined to one of the better known highlights; second and subsequent visits are likely to explore further and deeper.

We see the South African experience as a beautiful encounter for all the senses, one which excites and stimulates leaving a lasting impression.

Visitors report, with few exceptions that a South African holiday over-delivers on many levels and provides unexpected delights; with this in mind. We want to emphasise the multi-sense approach that will be required to absorb the diversity of the country:

  • Culture
  • Wildlife
  • Spirit
  • Beauty
  • Images
The visitor will be touched by what they experience as a result of:
  • Scents
  • Visions
  • Textures
  • Echoes
  • Flavours

It is about emphasising the delightful complexity that awaits each and every sense thus encouraging the visitor to (quite rightly) expect something stimulating, exciting and totally out of the ordinary.